Missouri     Proposition  A     2012

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By Gary Wiegert

on   Prop A     November 2012




UPDATE  :   10/30/2012 Viva La Local Control ( St. Louis Sanctuary City)
                     10/22/2012  New Endorsement : Queeny Township
                     10/19/2012  New Endorsement:  Bonhomme Republican Women's Club
                    10 /17/2012   St. Louis Post Dispatch: ST. Louis county GOP Opposses Props L and A

                    10/15/2012    24th State.com   The End of Transparency  


24thstate.com/                Viva La Local Control

A Safer Missouri, the organization funded by Rex Sinquefield to give control of the St. Louis Police Department over to Mayor Slay and his democratic political machine, is proud to announce on their website that they've been endorsed by La Raza.

A search of their websites reveals they publicly support Latino issues and collectivism (Socialism). What they really support is illegal immigration and Sanctuary cities--American cities that refuse to enforce federal immigration laws. The reason they support local control is they believe the implementation of Sanctuary City policy in St. Louis should be determined by the local sympathetic big city politician regardless of regional concerns.

Sanctuary City policies are championed by liberal cities across the country to encourage illegal aliens to migrate to their city. Illegal aliens children are entitled to the welfare and medical benefits of this country. Welfare benefits fuel the local economy of big cities like St. Louis and Kansas City. Sanctuary City policies hamper the police and make it illegal for police to inquire into a criminal’s illegal alien status. The police are hamstrung by these policies and the police cannot force subjects to produce identification or report to Immigration Customs Enforcement as illegal aliens.

These policies have produced spikes in crime in assorted cities. Texas Governor Rick Perry attempted to address the issue after an illegal alien killed a popular Houston Texas Police Officer.

The state of Missouri outlawed sanctuary cities under the administration of then Governor Matt Blunt. The state laws means nothing if the local authorities operating on big city political considerations order their police to disregard the letter of the law. LaRaza knows that local control is a precursor to turning St. Louis into a sanctuary city which would be bad for the St. Louis Police Department and worse for St. Louis residents and visotors.

Posted by Gary Wiegert
Editorial Comment (24th State): Gary Wiegert has been a St. Louis City police officer and resident for over 20 years, and a limited government patriot even longer. Residency law put him in the line of fire when a guy he busted walked by his house and started shooting at him. In short, he is vested in not just police issues, but St. Louis City and City resident issues. His interest is the big picture.


St Louis Post Dispatch 

October 17 2012
By Paul Hampel

"The committee is also urging voters not to support statewide Proposition A, which, if passed, would return control of the St. Louis Police Department to the city, ending about a century and a half of governance by a state board."

"The GOP committee said it is opposing Proposition A due to the Democratic party's dominance of city politics."

"Some feel that the city of St. Louis no longer operates under a two-party system,” the group stated. “They further feel that, if the city controls the police department, some of that control would flow to the party running the city."

The St. Louis Police Officers Association is going public with its opposition to Proposition A, the statewide proposal to return control of the police department to City Hall, ending 150 years under state oversight.

Activists are circulating a letter from association president David Bonenberger, which asks voters to reject the change.

The letter takes verbal shots about the alliance of Mayor Francis Slay, who long has sought local control, and wealthy financier Rex Sinquefield, who helped bankroll the initiative petition drive that got the proposal on the ballot.

The association joins the local chapters of the ACLU, the NAACP, among others challenging Proposition A on various grounds.

Slay and his allies, including Democratic state Senate nominee Jamilah Nasheed, maintain that it’s time for the city to run its own police department and that the change could lead to greater efficiencies and better operations.

Bonenberger disagrees, noting that the police association “has been fighting against local control for our 44-year history. Why you may ask. Quite simply because state control through the five-member Board of Police Commissioners works just fine.”

In the letter, he continues: “Last year Mayor Francis Slay formed a very unique and unorthodox relationship with billionaire Rex Sinquefield. Sinquefield decided to dedicate $ 8 million to distribute a ballot initiative petition at the constitutional level that would have completely eliminated the police department as we know it. With that it would have eliminated our pay, benefits, and our pension. We would have been left with nothing. Midway through the year the SLPOA reached an agreement that would stop the Slay/Sinquefield attempt if we would agree to support a change in legislation to give the city control of the police department.”

Bonenberger won election a year ago, as part of a split within the association over local control. He contends that Sinquefield’s involvement in the local-control effort is linked to the financier’s opposition to the city’s earnings tax. Because of a Sinquefield-financed initiative that won statewide in 2010, St. Louis voters must vote every five years on whether to retain the tax.

As for Slay, Bonenberger contends that local control is tied to the police pensions; Slay has actively worked to revamp the pension plan for the city firefighters.


This is a comment on the Daily RFT website in reply to thier article on Prop A  "Politics Local Control of City Police, But Less Transparency: Is "Prop A" Worth It?"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       By  Nicholas Phillips Fri., Oct. 5 2012 at 6:45 AM

Brooke Foster*  is trying to mislead us, and those out-state Missouri voters. She's not telling the whole truth. And I'll tell you why. She says above, "Then, when they find out that 70 percent of St. Louis voters voted yes on this in a symbolic referendum in 2008, they don't think they're forcing their will on St. Louis." There's a problem with this information. The symbolic referendum that 69% of the St. Louis electorate voted for in 2008 was SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT, and more locally preferred, than Prop A. It was based on a Civilian Review plan put forward by Ald. Terry Kennedy (D-18th), it included input from other local elected officials and community activists and community organization and maintained transparency of disciplinary proceedings' records; this upstart Prop A tries to escape all of this. In 2008, 69% of the St. Louis electorate voted for a more transparent, more accountable STL Police Department. "Then they find out..." in truth, could be abated by a Safer Mssouri statement like, "The 2008 referendum was very different from the current proposition." But neither Brooke, nor her Safer Missouri cronies, nor their billionarie shadow-daddy Rex Sinquefield, have pointed out that difference. So let's know the facts, because Safer Missouri, Rex Sinquefield and Prop A are trying to deceive us.

*Note:  Brooke Foster, spokesperson for the Prop A campaign, " Safer Missouri."

Published on Oct 2, 2012 by Darin RebootCongress

Gary Wiegert spoke at the St. Louis Tea Party's August After Party about the need for Missourian's to vote NO on Prop A this November.  (42 Min)
He is speaking at several townships throughout Missouri in a grass roots effort against the statewide vote of Proposition A seeking Endorsements AGAINST it.  If your organization would like to join the list  AGAINST Prop A contact GaryWiegertteaparty@hotmail.com ASAP!    NO ON Local Control
     No on PROP A      Download and Play at your meetings.


State Rep Gary Fuhr on Local Control  If you are unfamiliar with this issue, I recommend that you watch these videos.

Rep. Gary Fuhr (R) talks about the history, current events, pending legislation, and oversight structure as they relate to local control of the St. Louis city Police Department. Fuhr is opposed to restoring local control in part because of the absence of appropriate checks and balances that the current system of state control provides; however, this segment is apolitical focusing rather on many of the issues surrounding the debate. Part 2 explores the specifics of Fuhr's opposition.

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Quincy Troupe and Sgt Gary Wiegert on St. Louis Police Pensions

There's a battle brewing in Jefferson City over "local control" of the St. Louis Police Department. It's a local issue that is always played out at the state level because of the history of St. Louis. In 1861, the state government seized control of the police forces in both St. Louis and Kansas City out of fear that those police would be used by the union against confederate interests.

The fear today comes from St. Louis policemen that worry that their pension will be looted by city hall. Those fears are justified given that city government has tried desperately to cut corners on the firefighters pensionand, as the video above illustrates, at least one Alderman has designs on the police pension fund. The city is trying to strong-arm local control through in Jefferson City.

While that battle is being fought, the news story that isn't getting any play is the strength of the St. Louis Police Pension Fund. Day after day we hear about the problems of public employee pensions, but here's an example of a fund that has been run well. The fact that city government is walled off from the pension by the state is a strong argument for leaving the current oversight structure in place.
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Sexual Assault at #OccupyStLouis - Cop Says It Could Have Been Prevented

On Nov. 8, 2011 St Louis Police arrested Brian E. King (38) for sexual assault at the Occupy St Louis camp.

Police say King entered one of the illegally constructed tents and sexually assaulted a 20 year old woman.
It’s been 9 days since the attack occurred and not one media outlet has reported this. Patch Adams found the crime reported on the city’s crime map days ago.

St Louis PD Sgt Gary Wiegert elaborates on the crime and why he thinks Mayoral action could have prevented this attack.
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Why Gary Wiegert's  Great for STLTPC  (St. Louis  Tea Party Coalition) as Lobbyist.

Uploaded by whennessy on Mar 27, 2011      Bill Hennessy Talks About Gary Wiegert

The Speaker of the Missouri House, Steve Tilley, advocates for local control of the St. Louis Police Department. He's gone so far as to appoint an ally of the New Black Panther Party to chair the committee that the Local Control bill (HB 71) was assigned to. Tilley's demonstrated a lack of judgement and opportunistic leadership in his rush to get the Local Control bill passed.

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Gary Wiegert  had a weekly radio call in show "CONSTITUTIONALLY CORRECT" on WGNU 920 AM .  He discussed local Tea Party news and St. Louis  city politics. You can listen  to the shows as  downloaded from the WGNU website if you missed it.

aug 3 2012 STP0803
aug 10 STP0810

Citizens of Missouri

I am asking Missouri citizens to vote no Prop A on November 6th.

Currently four St. Louis city citizens are appointed by the Governor, along with St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay to serve on the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners.


---A NO vote would allow citizen commissioners to continue to hire, fire and establish rules for St. Louis city police officers.  


--- A yes vote for the prop A proposal; citizens would lose their ability to administer the police department, and control would revert ONLY to the mayor and his”city democratic political machine”. 


This statewide vote was financed by Rex Sinquefield and his powerful lobbyists. To receive the support of all factions a back door collective bargaining agreement was made between the St. Louis Police Board, Mayor Slay and The Police Officer’s Association (union).This did not include the other 2 labor organizations. There are 3 labor organizations on the St. Louis police Department,                                      -The Ethical Society of Police (African American officers)                                      -Leadership Organization (supervisors) and the                                                 -Saint Louis Police Officers Association (SLPOA) (union).                                     The police union has always been against local control (Proposition A) and did not switch positions until the union was granted collective bargaining with binding arbitration and the enforcement of “Fair Share”.  Fair Share is the forced collection of dues from non members of the union.

Fair Share is designed to stifle competition.  I was president of the union for 6 years and did not support fair share because competition makes a leader more responsive to the needs of the membership. 

This local control issue has enabled the present union to be bullies, as they extract union dues from non members and expelled me from the union for practicing free speech against Prop A.

The St. Louis Police Pension Fund has 600 million in cash assets and Mayor Francis Slay switched his stance on local control, and seeks that money to finance  Aerotropolis, the Cardinals Ballpark Village and a retractable dome for the St. Louis Rams.

 Recently Mayor Slay paid the law firm Thompson Coburn a no bid contract $250,000.00 to administer a policy to circumvent payments to the St. Louis Firemen Pension Fund.   In return Thompson Coburn contributed $40,000.00 to Mayor Slay’s campaign committee.  This type of corruption should not be used for the purchase of police equipment or weaponry in the future.

If you support citizens administering their own police department and not run by a corrupt union and democratic political machine then please

                       Vote NO on Prop A           November 6, 2012

 Gary Wiegert                                                                                                            32+ years:   St. Louis City police officer.  (current)                                                      6 years:  Past President of the St. Louis Police Officers Association                      Currently:  Capitol Consultant St. Louis Tea Party

Contact : garywiegertteaparty@hotmail.com



Tea Party Groups

– St. Louis Tea Party,

--K and N Patriots,

--Jefferson County Tea Part

Republican Organizations

– St. Louis City Central Committee,

--St. Louis County Central Committee, --Jefferson County Republican Club,

--Concord Village/Lemay Township,

--Meramec Township, Gravois Township, --Tesson Ferry Township,                          --Lewis and Clark Township,                               -- Northwest Township,                                       -- Airport Township                                       --Wild Horse Township.

-Queeny Township

- Bonhomme Republican Women's Club

Interested Parties

– St. Louis Police Leadership Organization                (supervisors),                                                 --ESOP (African-American police),                           -- SPVA (retiredpolice officers)                         --SLAPO (retired African- American Officers) 

The following ballot measures have been certified for the November 6, 2012 general election.
(Sec of State web site)

Official Ballot Title
Proposition A

Fair Ballot Language:

A “yes” vote will amend Missouri law to allow any city not within a county (the City of St. Louis) the option of establishing a municipal police force by transferring certain obligations and control of the city’s police force from the board of police commissioners currently appointed by the governor to the city. This amendment also establishes certain procedures and requirements for governing such a municipal police force including residency, rank, salary, benefits, insurance, and pension.  The amendment further prohibits retaliation against any employee of such municipal police force who reports conduct believed to be illegal to a superior, government agency, or the press.

A “no” vote will not change the current Missouri law regarding St. Louis City’s police force.

If passed, this measure will have no impact on taxes.


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